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Jennifer Klepper

USA Today Bestselling Author, Book Lover, Start-up Founder, Attorney, Mom

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unbroken threads

The USA Today Bestselling debut novel.

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AnnapolisLIT on Instagram

A celebration of a town and its books.

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Coming 2024!

Interrupted friendships and toxic secrets.

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Early Works

Not lit, but lit.





Jennifer is the USA Today Bestselling author of Unbroken Threads and co-founder of Early Works. Born and raised in Iowa and Nebraska, she attended college in Dallas, law school in Charlottesville, and worked in Texas and Massachusetts before settling for good in Maryland. She's worked for Big Law, small law, start-ups, and Google. She lives in a forest by a river near Annapolis, Maryland.

But also:

The bracelet says it all. When I'm not feeling like I have (or need) eight arms (or maybe this is the reason I feel like I need eight arms, hmm), I'm a volunteer, a wife, a mom, a partner in a tech company, an attorney, a novelist, a list-maker, and a craver of books. I will always always be a midwestern girl at heart, but don't try moving me away from the coast.

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