Book Club Selections October 2017

Looking for your next book club book (or maybe one to read on your own)? Read on!

3 Book Club Picks

I'm reading lots of books, and some of them are fantastic book club selections. Here are just a few, categorized depending on what your book club likes:

📕Does your book club love books that go well with cooking (and eating), with a side of history? Try:

A FEAST OF SORROW, by Crystal King

Among the elite of ancient Rome, the man who inspired the world's oldest cookbook is ultimately destroyed by ambition and scandal. Well-researched and rich in detail, Crystal King’s debut brings to life the intricate politics and elaborate dinner parties of the era.

King has recipes, as well as a cookbook for book clubs, at her website.

📗Does your book club like to talk about what goes on behind closed doors and debate distinctive characters? Try:

THE PERFECT SON, by Barbara Claypole White

A family that long ago achieved a delicate balance of responsibilities and emotional investment to navigate the challenges of Tourette's syndrome, ADHD, anxiety, and undiagnosed OCD faces new challenges when the architect of this balance suffers a heart attack.

Barbara Claypole White has a reading group guide and even a playlist for this book! Click here.

📘Does your book club love old movies and a month when they don't have to read a novel-length book? Try:


We've all seen the movie (if not, go watch it!), but we all haven't necessarily read the novella that introduced Holly Golightly to the world. If you've seen the movie, be prepared for more characterization and less happily-ever-after in the book.

A book club could do a full year of book vs. movie. This is a good place to start.

📙Wait. What if you're not in a book club (or you're an overachiever), and you want a clever, off-beat book with an ending that will blow your socks off? Try:

SPOONBENDERS, by Daryl Gregory

A quirky story of psychics and mobsters and all kinds of dysfunction, SPOONBENDERS introduces a cast of characters like no other and an ending almost impossible to predict.

I highly recommend the audiobook, narrated by the talented Ari Fliakos.

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