Book Club Selections November 2017

Looking for your next book club book? Read on!

Book Club Picks November 2017

I'm still reading (ok, always reading), so I have a few more book club recommendations, categorized depending on what your book club likes. I wasn't planning on a theme this month, but each of these picks involves a marriage in the face of unexpected and seemingly insurmountable challenges.

📕Does your book club like to engage in frank discussions about sensitive but important topics relevant to today? Try:

This Is How It Always Is - Book Club Book

THIS IS HOW IT ALWAYS IS, by Laurie Frankel

A Midwestern family faces the reality of learning their youngest of five sons is transgender. Secrets, truths, fears, and love mark their stumble through the unexpected path they take to support their youngest, their marriage, and their entire family. Laurie Frankel's beautiful prose brings to life an endearing family and the fairy tales they love and live.

Laurie Frankel wrote a letter to early readers about how hard it was to write this book and why she wrote it anyway. Click here.

📗Does your book club like a little comedy with their depression, and maybe have a member or two who's been to Copenhagen? Try:

The Copenhagen Affair - Book Club Book


Following an emotional breakdown and subsequent depression, a woman moves with her husband to the happiest city in the world, where she slowly finds her way out of the darkness. Amulya Malladi's own experiences with depression and life in Copenhagen inspired this funny "love letter to Copenhagen".

Amulya Malladi has great resources for book clubs! Click here.

📘Does your book club pine for the Golden Age of Hollywood and love the scent of Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds perfume (ok, not necessarily that last part)? Try:

Furious Love -- Book Club Book

FURIOUS LOVE, by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had a relationship on and off the screen full of fire and booze and love. The authors imbued the text with the intensity and passion of their relationship, making this a breathless read that might just give you a contact high.

Get AMC and TMC lined up while you're reading this. It would be fun to show clips from "Cleopatra", "Taming of the Shrew", etc. at the book club meeting.

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