Rising Tides Newsletter: Book Cover Reveal!

If you are on my newsletter list, you've already seen this! (If you're not on the list, what are you waiting for? Join the list here.) For the rest of you, here's what was in my very first newsletter...

Welcome to my very first newsletter!

I didn't realize until I started typing this that I didn't have a name for it. Because I'm involved in so many organizations that are greater than the sum of their parts--from women's giving circles to writers' associations to a godsend of a debut author group--Rising Tides felt right.

In this first newsletter, I'll tell you what I'm reading, what my book club is reading, and something interesting (ok, weird). Then, if you make it all the way to the bottom, I'll show you my new book cover. (I'll just scream right now.)


I can't tell you what I'm reading right now, because I'm judging a stack of books for the Women's Fiction Writers Association STAR Award and I'm not allowed to divulge the titles. But I can tell you I most recently finished THE WILD BIRDS, by Emily Strelow, which is a gorgeous ode to nature and finding our place in the world. Likely to be one of my favorite books of the year. I highly recommend this literary gem.


My neighborhood book club is reading WE NEVER ASKED FOR WINGS, by Vanesa Diffenbaugh. We read her first book (which is a favorite book of mine), THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS, a couple of years ago, and it served up great discussion opportunities. WINGS is a serious but accessible read about undocumented immigration and motherhood. It's sure to be a great discussion at book club later this month.


Just this pufferfish we found at the beach. (He was dead.)

Oh, yeah, and this new BOOK COVER!!!

(scroll down)

Jessica Donnelly’s life is beginning to unravel. When the attorney turned stay-at-home mom tentatively volunteers to represent Amina Hamid, a woman seeking asylum, Jessica must learn an unfamiliar area of the law. Soon, rising opposition to Muslim immigration and unexpected prejudices put her relationships on shaky ground.

Amina fled Syria with little more than memories that now fight against the images splashed on the news. Seeking a secure future and freedom from guilt and grief, she must learn to trust others amidst the reality of fear and hate.

To find stability, Jessica and Amina will both need to harness their own strengths, which may lie in connections that transcend generations, cultures, and continents.

Thanks all of you for being so incredibly supportive in this crazy thing I'm doing. It means the world to me. Stay tuned for launch date and pre-order information, and please let me know what you are reading!

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