#WIPMondays: Filling the Love Tank, with Samantha Heuwagen

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Samantha Heuwagen is a Latinx sex, marriage, and family therapist (she's a science fiction author, too!). I reached out to Samantha because Covid-19 has put so much stress on relationships that we could all use a little advice on how to strengthen our interpersonal connections, whether with a partner, family, or friends.

You can watch our brief chat below (it's a hot mess of technical failures, but what are you gonna do?). Here are the highlights!

Samantha's #WIPMondays tip:

I love this tip and implemented it right away with my husband (phone-free alone time) and my daughter (four-leaf clover hunting). The irony of Covid is that despite that fact we are all home together more than we ever have been, making time on a personal level isn't always what comes out of that.

What we're reading:

I always ask what people are reading, because smart women read! Samantha's latest read was Circe, by Madeline Miller (I recommend the audio!). I'm reading Glory Bishop, by Deborah L. King. These are vastly different books (Greek mythology vs women's fiction) but, interestingly, they both center on a woman asserting herself against an oppressive family and societal expectations.

Watch our chat below!

Learn more Samantha Heuwagen, her therapy, her fiction, and her activism at https://samanthaheuwagen.com/ or on Instagram or Facebook.