#WIPMondays: Giving, with Sara Corckran

The art of seeing what is rather than what isn't—this is a a core tenet of Sara Corckran's positive psychology philosophy. But how does this relate to giving? In our #WIPMondays chat, Sara talks about how giving builds our connection to others through the act of thinking of others in a meaningful way. You won't think of gift-giving the same way again after you watch Sara talk about all of the powerful ways the act of giving can lift both the giver and the recipient. She also has some advice about how to find the right gifts, and I know I'm feeling that pressure right now.

Watch the full video below, but, first, here are a couple of highlights from our chat:

Sara's #WIPMondays action step:

Giving gifts is great, but how can you be better at finding the perfect gift for a loved one? Sara has the answer:

I've done the quiz (my love language is "Quality Time") and started to collect results from my loved ones. It's made me think about what I value (time together) and how I can act in ways that will be equally valued by others (eg, put down the damn phone).* Take the quiz! It's easy and you don't have to provide an email address to get the results 😃

What we're reading:

Sara just finished reading Janelle Brown's Pretty Things (which both she and I have recommended to just about everyone). She's now reading Migrations, by Charlotte McConaghy. I just started The Cooking Gene, by Michael W. Twitty. Don't hold me to this, but I think The Cooking Gene may end up being one of the best books I read this year.

Watch our chat below!

While you're watching, see if you can come up with an explanation for why both of us have circle shelves on our walls. I didn't notice until I watched the replay 🤣

Want more positive psychology? Earlier this fall, Sara's partner, Erin Baldecchi, chatted with me about gratitude, which is the perfect partner to giving. See the blog post here. You can also learn more about the Positive Leadership series for educators I mentioned in the video here.

(If you want to check out the gift Sara bought her mom based on her mom's love language, here it is. It's adorable ❤️)

*The more smart friends I talk to, the more themes I'm starting to see. The idea of a love language that focuses on quality time dovetails nicely with therapist Samantha Heuwagen's guidance that the first step to connecting with your partner is to make time for them.

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