#WIPMondays: Literary Travel, with Barbara Khan

Are you ready to travel again? Or maybe you're just ready to dream about travel. The book you're reading might be a great place to start. Whether it's France and the locations depicted in WWII historical fiction or South Carolina's Low Country and highlights inspired by Pat Conroy and Flannery O'Connor, my latest #WIPMondays guest, Barbara Khan (Journeys by the Book), is a travel consultant who designs trips inspired by books and authors.

The pandemic put a halt to travel, but we can start planning now for when things open back up! And what better place to start than with a book?

You can watch our chat below, but here are the highlights!

Barbara's #WIPMondays action step:

This step fills me with excitement! With all the books I read, the options are endless. Where to begin....?

What book would you choose? And who would you love to experience that adventure with? A book club? A group of friends? Siblings? Your spouse? As I think about this for myself, each group or travel partner would dictate a different book selection. My book club? I can imagine a Fiona Davis-inspired trip to New York City. My husband? We both loved Crazy Rich Asians, so a Singapore foodie vacation sounds perfect.

What we're reading:

If Barbara and I traveled to where our current reads take place, we would head to Normandy and Japan. Barbara is reading (and loving) Soraya M. Lane's The Last Correspondent, a WWII historical fiction about a female war correspondent in France. I'm listening to the delightful and quirky Convenience Store Woman, a translated novel by Sayaka Murata about a woman who works in a convenience store in Japan.

Watch our chat below!

Learn more about Barbara Khan and Journeys by the Book at https://www.journeysbythebook.com/ or on Instagram or Facebook.