#WIPMondays: Organizational Design with Maura Fitzgerald

Oh, how I love to be organized. And if that organization looks good? Holy grail. With this in mind, Maura Fitzgerald is the perfect guest for #WIPMondays. Maura does organizational design with Fitz Just Right. From closets to garages to bookshelves, her work is gorgeous, focused, and practical. Follow her on Insta and FB—her feed is pure eye candy and you are sure to get some design inspiration.

You can watch our brief chat below, but here are the highlights!

Maura's #WIPMondays tip:

I have to say I might be somewhat (ok, completely) obsessed with color-blocking now. My favorite approach is what I call "mini-blocks," or four to six books color-blocked as a design accent. Easy to do and fun to change out for seasons! Maura is right: instant joy ✨ Check out some of her color-block projects below.

What we're reading:

I love sharing book recs with Maura—she's a smart reader and always has something interesting on her nightstand. Her current read (just finished last night, in fact) is The Most Fun We Ever Had, by Claire Lombardo, which I need to get on my TBR. My current read is a short story collection: Animal Wife, by Lara Ehrlich (I love to read a short story collection periodically, so please send any recs my way!).

Watch our chat below!

Learn more about Maura Fitzgerald at https://fitzjustright.com/ or on Instagram or Facebook.