#WIPMondays: Productivity with Lisa Montanaro

Anyone else have productivity challenges lately, or is it just me? I was excited to chat with Lisa Montanaro—lawyer, productivity consultant, and business strategist (and writer!)—who shared a counter-intuitive tip to clear the path to productivity. We had a bit of an after-the-show chat, and I'll drop some tidbits and links to more info on this page.

You can watch our brief chat below, but here are the highlights!

Lisa's #WIPMondays tip:

To Do Lists run in my genes, so this hits home for me. Purposely not doing things—(but it's on the To Do List for a reason!, I think to myself)—this is a twist. But as Lisa said:

Every time you say "no" to something, you say "yes" to something else.

Lisa's own blog goes deeper into creating a Not To Do List, and her pointers are particularly helpful for people who need guidance (permission?) on what to add to that Not To Do List. This is my favorite advice, and it feels like Lisa wrote it just for me: Add items that have been collecting dust on your To-Do List for ages and face the music that you are never going to do them, and that is okay. It's okay! It's okay! (Say it with me, then put those items on the Not To Do List.)

What we're reading:

Lisa just read Daniel H. Pink's When, which she says is perfect for a productivity coach (and anyone who wants to be productive). Her fiction pleasure right now is The Weight of Water, by Anita Shreve. I'm listening to Hamnet, by Maggie O'Farrell and it is gorgeous.

Watch our chat below!

Learn more about Lisa Montanaro at https://lisamontanaro.com/ or, for you writers out there, https://lisamontanarowrites.com/. She's also on Instagram or Facebook.