#WIPMondays: Reading History, with Carrie Callaghan

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Whether you read historical fiction, narrative history, or straight-up history history, the richness of the past offers so much more than the ability to answer all the history questions in Trivial Pursuit. Carrie Callaghan showed me a new way to see history in her books Salt the Snow and A Light of Her Own, which present fascinating stories of two women I otherwise never would have heard of. Carrie mentions in our chat that she doesn't have a Ph.D in history; she's not an academic. That's why I wanted to chat with her! Anyone can read and learn from history, and Carrie does it well.

You can watch our brief chat below, but here are the highlights!

Carrie's #WIPMondays tip:

I'm already thinking about this. For example, the book I'm reading now (see below) opens with a scene of a historical walking tour of a neighborhood that has experienced the demographic ebbs and flows often seen in urban areas. The tour focuses on the wealthy white inhabitants from a certain era, without reference to the lives and contributions of Black inhabitants of another era. It's a reminder (to me) not to willingly accept narrow histories and to seek out the stories that add depth and breadth (and truth). I think I'll do a little reading on Annapolis history with this in mind this week.

What we're reading:

What I love about watching Carrie's Instagram feed (other than her collection of vintage glassware) is that she reads everything from space operas to literary short story collections to the latest bestsellers. You can tell she loves to love reading and grows with each page. Her current read is Marrying Mozart by Stephanie Cowell (now newly on my TBR). My current read is Alyssa Cole's new thriller, When No One Is Watching. Lest you think a thriller is out of line with this week's "reading history" topic, the opening line from Alyssa Cole is "History is fucking wild." 'Tis true.

Watch our chat below!

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