#WIPMondays: Signs from the Other Side with Fern Ronay

Finding a fresh perspective and growing in new ways sometimes means we look outside the usual channels. Author Fern Ronay hosts the podcast Signs from the Other Side, where she talks to people who've received signs from loved ones who have passed to the other side. These signs also inspire Fern's fiction, which has been described as "Sex in the City" meets "Ghost" (which I now must watch again!). In our #WIPMondays chat, Fern explains how recognizing signs changed her perspective and how all of us can bring a little bit of the magic of signs into our own lives with a single step.

Watch the full video below, but, first, here are a couple of highlights from our chat:

Fern's #WIPMondays action step:

Are you like me and you've never paid attention to "signs"? Or maybe you're not sure they exist? Fern has a fix for that:

Signs from the Other Side. If you need a sign, ask for a sign. Pick one thing. Write it down. Don’t tell anyone. And when it comes to you, you’ll know. Fern Ronay @fernronay www.fernronay.com

I'm game! I emailed Fern after our chat because she also got me thinking that I want to bring the spiritual uplift of signs into my kids' lives. I'm always thinking of them, but maybe if there's a symbol that ties inexcorably to me, then when they see that symbol, they'll know I'm thinking of them. You never know—the sign may come at just the right time, and it may come after I'm gone.

What we're reading:

Fern raved about Dragonfly, a WWII espionage tale from Leila Meacham. At my end, I'm diving into sections of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne & Dave King to brush up on grammar while I'm working on my new novel. (I love writing craft books. You can see much of my collection here.)

Watch our chat below!

Learn more about Fern Ronay at https://fernronay.com/ and on Instagram and Facebook. Catch up on her podcast Signs from the Other Side on Spotify, Stitcher, and iTunes, and buy her books online wherever books are sold.