#WIPMondays: Wellness with Beth Graham

I sought calm this week, so I reached out to Beth Graham, a wellness coach and yoga instructor, to join me for #WIPMondays. She leads international yoga retreats in the kinds of locations that you can't imagine NOT bringing calm, but she also brings calm and movement virtually and in local classes (pandemics permitting).

You can watch our brief chat below, but here are the highlights!

Beth's #WIPMondays tip:

If you're like me and prefer having someone else tell you how to move, you can watch Beth's "Take 5" videos. What amazes me is how fast five minutes flies by. Side note: this is another #WIPMondays tip that takes literally minutes and can truly transform a mindset. Everyone has five minutes. Give them to yourself!

What we're reading:

Beth comes from a reading family (I'm in a book club with her mom!). On the yoga front, she's recommending Yoga Myths, by Judith Hanson Lasater. For fiction Beth is enjoying the thirteenth installment of Philip R. Craig's Martha's Vineyard Mystery series, Vineyard Enigma. I just started my first Laura Lippman novel, Sunburn. So far, I'm hooked!

Watch our chat below!

Learn more about Beth Graham at https://www.bethgrahamwellness.com/ or on Instagram or Facebook.