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10 Gifts (that aren't books) for Readers (and Writers)

November 29, 2018

Choosing a book for a book lover can be like choosing a bottle of wine for a wine lover--easily botched and often intimidating. For your holiday shopping ease, I've pulled together some non-book gift ideas for the readers and writers in your life. (These are also fantastic gifts to give ALONG WITH a good book.)


1. Literary scarf. Curl up on the couch with your book and stay toasty wearing a scarf covered with your favorite author's words. (Also perfect for wearing to book club.) $48. Jodi Picoult scarf from Storiarts.


2. Book candles. Create the right atmosphere for reading with a matching candle. Proceeds from the sale of these candles will be donated to the Tall Poppy Writers' Room To Read Campaign, $21, from Book Scents

3. Book sleeve. Protect your book (or hide your guilty pleasure) with a padded book sleeve. $27+. Foxy book sleeve from Five Sprouts Stitching.

4. Mug. I love this Cheshire Cat mug (guess what happens when you put hot liquid in it). $15.95 from The Literary Gift Company.

5. Book-themed tea or coffee. You have to have something to put in that great mug, and it might as well have a book theme. The Picture of Earl Grey tea tin and tea, $34, from NovelTea.

6. Reading Glasses holder/necklace. Any necklace with a circle pendant could double as a holder for reading glasses. This leather and silver one is $58. From AriesArtisticJewelry.

7. Wine. Wine goes well with books. Wine goes well with book clubs. Wine goes well with writing. 'Nuff said.

8. Page Anchor. For the reader who has every reading accessory, this Page Anchor is perfect. $49.99. From Page Anchor


What if you've run out of time? That means gift cards. Buy these and you are good to go:

9. Gift card from independent book store. Your reader friend can pick the perfect book and you are supporting independent book stores all at the same time. Win-win.

10. Gift card from coffee shop. Or a wine shop. Guess which one I'd prefer?












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